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International Drive Restaurants – Orlando, FL

International Drive (commonly referred to as I-Drive) in Orlando, FL is the central hotspot for tourists vacationing in the area. Along the 10.5-mile strip are a number of hotels, stores, attractions, and restaurants. Everything you could ever need can be found on International Drive, which is why so many tourists choose to book hotels along this road.

The proximity to theme parks is one reason why I-Drive attracts so many tourists. Another reason is the variation of International Drive Restaurants, catering to every tourist’s taste buds. Vacationers who stay along I-Drive and aren’t familiar with American cuisine can certainly get a taste of it with a number of steak and seafood restaurants close by – many of which are fine dining restaurants.

If you’re in the mood for international cuisine you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, including Italian, Mexican and Asian restaurants. I-Drive is also home to some of the finest Sushi restaurants in Orlando. Regardless of how long you plan to stay, you’ll never run out of restaurant options along International Drive.

Transportation and Theme Parks

Don’t worry about navigating I-Drive because public transportation is readily available if you’re not in the mood to walk. Transportation is offered through the I-Ride Trolleys and the LYNX bus system. Between these two modes of transportation you can navigate I-Drive and the rest of Orlando. A 1-week pass for the I-Ride Trolleys only costs $12 and it’s only $8 for the LYNX bus system.

In addition to the restaurants scattered along I-Drive, the area is home to some of the largest and most popular attractions in the world. If the restaurant or theme park you want isn’t on I-Drive, it’s within 10 minutes of driving. Here’s a list of attractions that are located on or close to I-Drive:

I-Drive is full of life every night of the week and tourists often have a hard time leaving. We hope we’ve helped you navigate I-Drive restaurants and remember you can’t go wrong when eating along I-Drive.